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Bali…what to know before you go.

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When it comes to traveling, I have done many things right and many things wrong. One of my main intentions for this site is to help others learn from my experiences—both the good and the bad. One thing is certain about my time in Indonesia…it would have run much smoother if I had known then what I know now…but where’s the adventure in that, right? Well, at least that’s how I like to look at it. But for those of you who can appreciate some prior knowledge…this should definitely help!

There are 2 Seasons in Indonesia:
Dry (May- September)
Wet (October- April)

We visited in February, which is still the rainy season. It showered a couple times throughout the day, but didn’t last long. By no means did the rain impede on our plans, but there was a grey haze present almost every day. Even though the beauty of this country is still very apparent, there was a lack of vibrancy that you would normally get with the sunshine. And you can definitely feel the moisture in the air…it’s a very sticky country at this time. On the bright side– the wet season is the slow season, so at least there were fewer tourists around.

I’m not going to lie, not much planning went into this trip…it really just seemed to sneak up on us and before I knew it, we were landing at the airport. I actually booked our accommodation while we were standing in the customs line…probably not the way to go for most people, but we manage quite well with last minute planning. Regardless, I would have to say that there is extreme benefit to doing your research and planning in advance for this country.

Best Advice I Can Give:

Book a driver before you arrive.

There are many companies you can use to organize a driver in advance. If you want to find one yourself, have a look at some online forums, where people provide their past drivers’ contact information. By doing this you will get a better deal overall and a much better quality driver.

I figured out this key piece of information on the day we arrived…too late. If you get a taxi anywhere outside the airport, you can haggle for the price. But we had to get a taxi at the airport (due to my lack of planning), which was a standard 350,000 RP (about 30 USD). So arrange your airport pickup and driving tours before you arrive in Indonesia.

I can definitely recommend the driver that we were lucky enough to find on a street in Ubud. He is a man of many talents…from woodcarving, to palm reading, to medicine man, and of course taxi driver. He was my favorite person that we met and genuinely seemed just as interested in us as we were in him. His prices are very competitive and we really enjoyed his company. Remember that if you feel someone has given you exceptional service, a tip is always appreciated…and a measly $10 for you can be so much more to other people.

Wayan Tagel
Tour & Driver
Mobile: 081 338 664 812

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Glen says:

Thanks for the tips. If ever we go to Bali, now know when to go, & who to drive us.

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