Apple Macbook Pro

Most people will most likely not need a computer while travelling.  In fact, I would discourage bringing one abroad if you can afford to leave it at home.  For my first trip to New Zealand, I lived and worked out of a hostel for 3 months.   In that time, my laptop was stolen…along with a lot of other valuables that belonged to others staying at the hostel.  Moral of the story…travel with as few valuables as you possibly can (especially if you’re going to be staying in hostels)! On the other hand, some of us do need to have a laptop, along with other valuable items while on the road.  I needed mine to edit photos, videos, and write some content for this lovely website! :) I have always had a biased love for Macs.  If you’re in the market for a laptop, Mac is the way to go…Any model you get, you really can’t go wrong!

Apple IPhone 4S

I really don’t need to say much about this one.  Its not even specifically about having an Iphone…any smart phone will do wonders to make any travelling experience easier! It’s especially handy for those of you who like to plan as you go.  Before you leave your home country, make sure your phone is unlocked.  When you land at your destination, you should be able to buy a sim card right at the airport (contract free).  Many providers have deals specifically for tourists on a temporary stay.  The options are very affordable and completely worth the convenience of having a phone!


Apple Ipad

What can I say, we love our technology…definitely not a necessity for travel, but still awesome to have.  Ipads (or any tablet) are specifically great for planes, trains, and automobile journeys!

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