Osprey Meridian Wheeled Convertible Backpack 28-Inch/75-Liter 

When looking for my luggage for this long trip, I really wanted a backpack, but knew that carrying it around everywhere would end up being a challenge…yes, I’m weak…sue me.  I was pleasantly surprised to find this 2-in-1 option that ticked all my boxes!  This luggage consists of 2 parts:  

1. The main bag with a large compartment with organizational pockets and a back compartment storing the backpack straps.

2. The front detachable daypack with multiple internal pockets and laptop compartment.

I have to give this bag credit…it really handled everything I stuffed into it…which was a lot! I over packed to begin with (I’m a girl, that’s what we do) and just continued adding more throughout our travels.   By the end, I had it packed to the point that I was too scared to open it again in case I couldn’t get it to close again!  But beyond all odds, that sucker made it home in the same condition as when we left!

Kelty Coyote 80 Internal Frame Backpack

After searching high and low for a backpack that offers more than just one main storage compartment, we found this awesome piece of luggage!  If you have any knowledge of backpacking, then you know that keeping your stuff organized in these things is near impossible.  Some styles may offer a couple small side pockets, but nothing like this…it offers a total of 7 spacious compartments that keep your things organized and easy to find.  The main center compartment is accessable from bothe the top and front of the bag.  Along with staying organized, this bag has great supportive straps so it won’t kill your back and shoulders on those long walks :) always a plus!

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