Best Websites for Travel

Everyone loves a good deal, right? So here is a list of websites that will prove to be very beneficial to you when planning your adventures.

1. Who doesn’t love Cash Back?

This may seem like a random place to start, but this site is truly a gem!  You might not think that it applies to travel, but it really applies to EVERYTHING!  Ebates offers cash back through their travel partners: Expedia, Priceline, Hotwire, Orbitz, Travelocity, etc.! Take your pic…at the moment there are travel offers starting at 3% and stretching up to 14% cash back.  And we all know that traveling isn’t cheap so that can add up to HUGE savings!  You can also use ebates to shop for all the travel gear you will ever need for your adventure.  And it doesn’t stop at travel, this applies to nearly anything you buy online!  This is free money people! All you have to do is sign up and watch the cash come rolling in.  Once signed up, Ebates will ask to add a widget button on your navigation bar that will tell you anytime you can use Ebates, which is seriously almost always!  I can’t recall one time that I haven’t been able to get cash back from my online shopping.  Its AMAZING!  By far, my highest recommended site for travel and life!


2. Renting your Home

Do you own a home and are discouraged from taking big trips by the thought of paying for accommodation on top of your mortgage…theses sites may give you another option: (CHBO) would appeal to the adventurer who can afford to travel for extended periods of time (usually over a month).  This option is a bit more costly upfront, but involves only this one time fee for the a year of advertising and website use.  CHBO does not take out any percentage of the rental transaction.  If you can find a renter that fits the timeline of your travels, then you will only have to deal with the process once and can focus more on your adventure!

This link will give you a $25 credit when sign up (whether you are looking to host or rent).  This site is convenient for those looking to travel here and there for a week or two at a time (or even less).  Most people looking for a place to rent on this site are looking to stay for a few days to a couple weeks.  Airbnb does take a 3% service fee from the host for each transaction, but there are no upfront costs…listing your space is free!


3. Looking for Cheap Flights? Check out these sights:

^This was the site that I used most often when booking flights…I found it to be the most reliable in prices out of all the major travel comparison sites. Plus it offers some unique search features and has the widest range of flexibility and options…If you’re feeling spontaneous to get away but don’t know exactly where to go, you can select “everywhere” as a destination option. This shows you where it’s cheapest to fly and voi la you’re off! Conveniently, you can also select an entire country as well as search within a full month or even year of dates to find the cheapest options of travel.

^If you are needing to book flights while in Europe, I have heard that this site it the best from fellow travelers (although I have not had the opportunity to use this yet)! Unlike US meta-search sites that focus on the main airlines, Momondo focuses on low budget airlines that are typically missed and will almost always provide the cheapest prices.


4. Finding Accommodation:

My favorite general hotel site is because you can save a lot of money by bidding on hotels.  When using Priceline with, you can end up saving as much as 60%!

For the best price on guest houses and hotels in ASIA:

For last minute bookings needed in Australia, look no further than:

Looking for something with the comforts of home? How about staying in someone else’s actual home at a fraction of the cost of a hotel room.  You choose whether you want to stay in a shared room, private room, or have the entire place to yourself.  This has become a very popular option and you will be surprised as to just how many places are listed on this site:

If you’re traveling on a tight budget and want the opportunity to meet plenty of fellow travelers this site will work wonders for you:


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